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The GrassWalk Jungle Camp is a place forgotten by time. An oasis of charm and grace, where everyday problems melt away. The camp is situated at one & a half hours drive from the main city of Hyderabad. The camp is known by its beauty and close to nature recognition. It is a definitive destination for guests who like to visit the most remote places away from the crowd. Vikharabad was the hunting place of the 6th Nizam and his nobles. The town vikharabad was named after the Vikhar-ul-umra , The then prime minister of Hyderabad . The dama-gundam Temple is situated in the middle of the forest surrounded by the fresh water springs which flow throughout the year.

The temperature here is known to always be 5*C less than the city, The forest is interconnected till the anatagiri hill range and rasnam ,The breeze is healthy and pure , The 7th nizam build a sanitarium 60 years ago at anantagiri for the T.B patients and is about 30 kms away from our camp and is located and on the other side of the vikharabad town ,The vikharabad is also known for mango farming (amrai).

We are situated on the edge of the Damagundam forest. Forest is home for Sambar, Blackbuck, Cheetal (spotted deer) Chowsingha (four-horned antelope), Chinkara (Indian gazelle), Junglee Bakri (wild goat), Mouse Deer, rabbit, hare, wild boar, bush pig, porcupines, python, monitor lizards etc. Among the birds peacocks are the most common that are regularly found feasting in the fields. Then there is Double Spur or jungle fowl, quails and partridges etc. In the monsoons black bug migrations happen from the neighboring plains. .The GrassWalk Jungle Camp is ideally located to promote eco-tourism in the area and we encourage people to learn rules of the jungle and camping, We are the pioneers in Hyderabad to commercially establish camping accommodation at Gudpally Village . The camp was appreciated by (T.I.E.S) The International eco-tourism society (Washington D.C –U.S.A) & is their member since 2012.


As we have managed a sustainable camp between the conflict of man and nature, we would like our guest to read the do’s & do not’s at the camp:

  • Wear light colored clothing to be in a pleasant mood. Bright colors react on the mind differently when you are between
  • Keep a sun screen, and insect replant and a small torch handy if possible.
  • Exploring the jungle is always exciting but in your excitement do not forget to keep the environment clean.
  • Please carry a medication if you’re allergic to dust.
  • Avoid using strong perfumes and shampoos as the scent may attract insects.
  • Check your shoes and gloves if left unattended before wearing.
  • Check your linen & bed before you switch of the lights in the tent.
  • Close the tent nets before you switch on the lights in the evening.

Please keep in mind that these rules have been laid down for your safety and concerned.





Rs. 2800/- for 24 hours. + GST and service (Inclusive of Breakfast)



4900/- for 24 hours. + GST and service (Inclusive of Breakfast)



Rs. 7000/- + GST and service. For a minimum group of 10 Guests , Excluding meals

Rs. 1000/- + GST and service per extra guest residing in the above tents for 24hrs.
(No charges for children below 12 years.)


Rs. 7500/- for 24 hours. + GST and service (inclusive of breakfast)

* Restrictions may apply.
* Rates are quoted, invoiced and payable in INDIAN RUPEES.
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


The Grasswalk Explore

As the world’s human population continues its exponential growth, the loss of wilderness is taking place at an ever accelerating rate we here at the grasswalk are constantly trying to connect the relationship between communities wildlife, nature and rural tourism of Telangana. TheGrassWalk explore concept of mobile camping is for the people who want to connect to earth and nature as they have never experienced before. The mobile camp is pitched on multiple locations across various terrains, it takes our guest away from the city noise ,the maddening rush and encourages them to embrace the outdoors and connect with nature. Responsible tourism has always been of highest importance ,everything that comes with us leaves with us and we take nothing from the land but memories. We in addition work hand in hand with the local villagers and communities by creating decent employment opportunities.

Vikharabad Forest

Anantagiri Forest

Kotepally Lake

Sri Sailam (Tiger Reserve) – Mannanur Camp


Mobile Camp

This new concept of “Explore” is exclusively designed and promoted by S.M.A Hotels Pvt Ltd for the first time in India for the benefit and development of the rural Telangana Tourism.

These specially designed exclusive camps will be set up within hours for the purpose of your overnight stay at your village for functions, on your stay at any pilgrimage location or at any tourist spot. It can also be pitched at your farm or agricultural lands for your overnight camping experience on rental tariff basis.

We have introduced this new concept of camping for the first time in India “The GrassWalk Explore” at few of our own properties at the Ananthagiri Forest (Vikharabad) and at Manannur, Nagarjuna sagar tiger reserve.

Pre book our camp a week in advance on any preferred location.

*Camps operational at our own properties serve meals

Facilities over view

  1. Tents
  2. Four thousand liters of water
  3. Double Electricity backup
  4. Built in English bathroom on the truck
  5. Camp showers

Camp “Mannanur” Nagarjuna sagar Tiger Reserve Telangana

The GrassWalk Explore Camp “Mannanur” Nagarjuna sagar Tiger Reserve Telangana

The Mannanur and Farahbad Tiger reserve is located at a reachable distance of 140 kms from Hyderabad and it is one of the largest tiger reserve in country it is a mere two and half hours’ drive from the city , this hilly region is at a height of 1400 to 1800 feet above sea level and is covered by thick forest .Being India’s largest tiger reserve it is home for the chinkara commonly known as the Indian gazelle , sambar,spotted deer,bluebull,tiger,bear leapord,panther,hyena,wolf,fox,wild dogs ,mountain lizards,ant eaters,langoor,red squirrel,to name a few and birds such as peacock,jungle fowl the yellow footed green pigeon,bulbul,red crowned parrot are commonly seen.The small town of Mannanur located up on the hills of Amarabad is historical in its own way. Mostly colonies of the local tribe “chenchus”. It was explored by Dr. Aprot and Syed Mohammed Yousufuddin in mid-1800’s (19th century).

As the early reports of mannanur suggest the population of chinchus in 1895 was 170 mud house and a total of 811 tribal people . This tribe still is existent in the inner areas of the forest region. Ancient ruins which were discovered in the region and early reports suggest that the tribe of chinchu to be in the army of the Hindu god Ram during the period of Ramayana.

The highest plains of vatkapalli are recorded at 3200 feet above sea level, amarabad at 2548 feet, and kullam at 2873 feet making it the highest hill station of telangana. The early language spoken in the region in known to be “Telangi”

List of ancient temples around the region.


Syed Mohammed Yousufuddin

  1. Uma Maheshwaram temple in Ranagapur is supposed to be the biggest temple in the region and is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It is the northern gateway of srisailam is one of the jyothilingas. It dates back to the 2nd century AD.
  2. Gopal swamy temple recorded in ancient times is located around the mannanur town and has to be explored in the dense forest.
  3. Chinna Kishore swamy temple is located on the eastern side of amrabad. It was found in a state of ruins in 1895 and was abandoned at that time its existence today is not known.
  4. Rama swamy temple is an ancient temple found in ruins hundred years ago and yet to be discovered for the present day.
  5. Chinna Narayana temple located in the region of amrabad is formed on the peak of a hill. It was known to be the place to the sacred bulls.

List of forts and hills.

  1. Pratap Rudra fort located at the top of the hill has a view of thirty miles .The fort remains in ruins as of date and has a grave on its entrance which is supposed to be of two afghan generals of the Muslim army . Remains of the fort can be seen and trekking is the only way to reach the top.
  2. Chandra gupti hill is located in the south of amrabad region and it was the hunting ground of Raja Rudra Pratap. A special palace here was made for one of his queen. The area now is totally covered with forest and according to ancient research it is believed that there is an ancient temple on the top of the hill.
  3. Patcha gattu is an unexplored region in the amrabad forest where according to ancient scripts the color of white looks yellow at the time of sunrise.
  4. Erlapade is the fourth hill on the way to Chandragupta it is a black soil region with a water stream with the name of “raltiragu” flows. the remains of an ancient village “boryadipalli” are found on the banks of raltirgu
  5. Tapalakarva is the highest plain running across for 12 miles on the top. This area consists of three ancient wells and two ponds. An ancient civilization in this region is recorded. This area today has a present name vatvarapalli .It has the most fertile soil in the region and has the purest form of air recorded in the region of telangana.

We have mentioned few points from the extensive research conducted by Major Navel, Mr. .Johnson and Nawab Syed Mohammed Yousufuddin in the 19th century.

Areas and jungles mentioned above are home to the centuries old chenchu tribe who still live in colonies deep inside the forest cover.

‘We here at the Grasswalk have complied an overview of the detailed report for our guests to understand and respect the region during their stay with us. We would request our guest to understand the local community wildlife and the eco-balance of sustainable tourism in the area.’



The GrassWalk, Gudupally Village,
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